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Until further notice:

Alchemy is open Monday to Wednesday 9am-1pm


For anyone with an upcoming appointment- 


Alchemy Health Clinic, being of the "keep calm, friendly and professional nature”, we are very much business as usual, at least for now! We are however keeping a close eye on government guidelines for Coronavirus (COVID -19) and ensuring we meet or exceed all recommendations.  


We are always extremely conscious of hygiene in the clinic and are even more so now, taking the extra measures to safeguard the safety of all our patients and staff against the Coronavirus.  


  • May we therefore respectfully ask you to please sanitise your hands thoroughly upon arrival. Please don't be offended if you are asked to wash your hands.

  • Door handles will be re-sanitised every two hours. 

  • If you have ANY symptoms (temperature, cough or cold) or have been in CONTACT with a confirmed or even suspected case of Coronavirus - PLEASE PHONE THE CLINIC AND WE WILL RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT, after you’ve been given an all clear by your GP. 


“You are the most important visitor to Alchemy.


      You are not dependent on us.  We are dependent on you.


          You are not an interruption to our work.  You are the purpose of it.


               You are not an outsider to our clinic.  You are part of it.


                     We are not doing you a favour by serving you.


                          You are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.”


                                                                         Adapted from quote by Mahatma Gandhi

Alchemy Health Clinic was founded in 1982, by Dr Nashir Karmali DC, as a Chiropractic clinic. From its humble beginning of a single discipline, Alchemy has evolved into a multidisciplinary clinic with many practitioners, offering a wide range of therapeutic and healing disciplines as well as classes that support the treatments.  


At Alchemy we tailor treatment for each individual and provide special care for the newborn and to those in their senior years! 

Our youngest patient has been only a few days old and our oldest 104 years young!!

We will do everything we possibly can to offer you the best service and treatments possible

Alchemy, in its broadest definition, means transformation and purification: as is the refinement of gold from ore; similarly it is the refinement of health from ill health.


I believe that within each of us is a state of pure health. Our ability to rediscover, maintain and develop our optimum HEALTH, remains a challenge, both for the individual and the practitioner, at the time of illness as well as when one is feeling well!


Come, let us now walk and share this journey together..... 


Gift Vouchers are now available from Alchemy for your friends, family and neighbours.  All our services are available including Chiropractic and Homeopathy, Counselling, Massage..... All are available in single or multiple sessions packages.


Simply give us a phone call or send an email and we will immediately get back to you with costs and delivery options for getting your gift certificates to you.  

Telephone:  01202 880136

Email: info@alchemy-healthclinic.com

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