Why might I go to Alchemy Health Clinic? 

  • We will see you sooner and give you more time than the average GP, listening to you, carrying out detailed examinations and discuss a treatment plan with you. X Rays, MRI & Ultra Sound scans can be arranged within 1-2days!


  • You may wish to be treated without drugs specially during pregnancy and after childbirth  


  • You may have become intolerant to conventional medicine


  • The medication you’ve been prescribed is not helping you or it’s giving you severe side affects.


  • When you are feeling unwell but medical examination shows no abnormality or pathology and therefore offers no answers! Very often we may be able to help...


  • For your children - a newborn baby, who is unable to sleep, cries constantly or cannot retain food etc. for which conventional medicine may have no answer.


  • Childhood ailments, behavioural problems and learning difficulties.


  • Adolescent - Asymmetrical development and injuries during this intensive period of growth and activities.


  • For gender and age related ailments - e.g. in females:irregular or painful periods (dysmenorrhea), menopause etc. In males, puberty, 'male menopause', prostatitis etc.


  • After complicated and difficult dental treatment to restore normal Tempera-Mandibular Joint function (TMJ).


  • Rehabilitation after surgery e.g. hip and knee replacement, hysterectomy etc.


  • Breathing difficulties like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD).


  • Digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and food intolerance 


  • Recurrent infections. e.g. sinusitis, tonsillitis, ear infection etc


  • Grief, bereavement and  disappointments.


  • Stress, anxiety,  lack of self-esteem and 'depression'.


  • Addiction to Alcohol, tobacco, drugs - both recreational and prescribed; also eating and gambling!


  • Neck, shoulders, arm, low back pain, sciatica; repeated stress injuries (RSI) due to work & sports.


  • Road Traffic Accident (RTA) & Industrial injuries


  • Headaches and chronic migraines.


  • Abnormal sensation - vertigo (dizziness), tinnitus, pins and needles (paraesthesia), numbness etc.

  • General feeling unwell, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, Post traumatic syndrome and Post Natal Depression.


  • You don’t even have to be in pain to visit us: Get your body checked and serviced like you do to your cars and boilers, but for a lot less!!


  • To maintain health and fitness so that life is enjoyable! 


 "Your Health affects everything you do and everyone you know"