Our meetings create an invitation of meeting old and new friends, dissolving any strangeness that stood behind the veil and opened doors to friendship.  We were never strangers!


Our ability to embrace and open our hearts to share the abundance:  food, conversations, stories, poetry, music, laughter and silence.


We are grateful for all those who come to be part of the OPEN HEART  CIRCLE.

We met, some as strangers,

Yet our greeting was warm

knowing that there was a hidden friendship

awaiting to share stories, laughter and more


We sat in silence in a circle

Where candle flames danced on the inside

As we journeyed through the silent path

Without destination but an onward and inward journey


Our brief introduction opened our hearts

Dissolving what seemed unfamiliar

Awakening the human needs

Revealing to us that we were all one


Unspoken words could remain silent no longer

Sharing food opened new conversations

That had long been waiting to be spoken

Embracing strangers unfolded new friendship


Beyond the ideas of righting wrong doing

There is a field

The Open Heart Circle

We'll meet you there.........!


                                                      Nashir and Scania 

Avenues to explore

The magazine called Resurgence which has combined with the Ecologist; please explore their website.  They also have an annual 4d gathering near Worcester.  It is well worth a visit.


Resurgence • Resurgence & the Resurgence • Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine


The documentary on the life of Maya Angelou which was on BBC 1 on Tuesday night:

BBC iPlayer - Watch BBC One live Watch BBC One live on BBC iPlayer.

Subjects to explore 


Homeless people - this is the subject that we can explore and see how we can as a community play a role to help.  I would be interested to hear other discussions that you would have shared at our last meeting.


There was also the interest of playing/creating music together.  So how about bringing an instrument and lets try something without the fear of making mistake of being a fool……  Like the words of Rumi echo an inner cord of comfort:


“Beyond the ideas of right and wrong doing

there is a field

I will meet you there.. .  . “

Please feel free to share with a friend who you feel may be interested.

We look forward to welcoming you again


Sharing Light health and friendship