Chiropractic - Conditions Most Commonly Treated

Back pain

Back pain is the second most common complaint for loss of work. Modern day work environment which can involve sitting long hours at a computer is responsible for wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, upper  and lower back pain.


Research shows that Chiropractic treatment can help you return to work sooner than most other forms of treatment, without causing any side affects!


There are many causes of headaches, and many respond very well to chiropractic care particularly tension headaches, where the upper neck is involved and the vertebra(e) may have lost their true alignment affecting the nerve and blood supply to the brain.

Then we have cluster headaches and migraines, which in the female patients may be related to the hormonal changes and imbalance; in some cases it can be due to sensitivity to certain foods, or strain on the eye where a simple solution can be found by visiting an optician and having the correct prescription glasses!

Then there are the more serious cases like meningitis, or a space occupying lesion, where there is a growth (tumour) within the skull, or in the brain or the brain stem and would require surgical intervention.


One of the most common injuries in RTA, sports, particularly rugby, football & boxing, often causing whiplash, torticollis and leads to headaches, radiating pain to the shoulders and down the arm, bad posture, lack of concentration and more.

Chiropractors have a very good understanding of the spine and particularly the neck and often the relief is immediate following treatment.


This is the result of a severe jolting of the neck as in RTA where the head is thrown forward and then back, often causing tears in the ligaments that hold vertebrae of the neck together.  This may cause instability of the neck and may cause headaches, shoulder and arm pain or pins and needles (paraesthesia), visual disturbance, vertigo and can even develop ringing in the ear (tinnitus).


Chiropractic treatment received immediately or without delay following the injury will prevent long term damage to the neck and developing chronic symptoms.

Shoulder Pain

Often follows overuse of the joint and repeated stress injuries(RSI) from sports such as Tennis, Fast Bowling in Cricket, direct trauma in contact sports and of course falls. These injuries may lead to subluxation, inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis), inflammation of the bursa (bursitis) that supply the joint with the synovial fluid that keeps the joint lubricated, tear in the muscle, particularly the rotator cuff and lastly arthritis in the Acromio-clavicular (AC) and Gleno-humeral(GH) joints,


The shoulders are essentially linked by the clavicle and the shoulder blades(scapulae) and very intricately designed muscle fibers and forms the shoulder girdle; the whole of this structure and the neck will need to be treated whenever there is a shoulder injury

Pregnancy and Children

During pregnancy 

Regular chiropractic care is an integral part of health care for pregnant mothers, ensuring that the pelvis and spine is aligned, the musculature is strong and well balanced before conception, during the entire pregnancy and after giving birth. It helps keep mothers feeling good, assists in a more natural birth and restoring her in coping with the physical stresses of an ever-changing body. 

Being pregnant is natural and not an illness. Birth should be a pleasant experience in the comfort of ones home or even in a hospital environment. After birth the body has to again adapt to the smaller body and the change in its shape; this will need a lot of adjusting and Chiropractors are best trained to help you restore your body to how it was before you became pregnant and help you regain shape, strength and flexibility. You will also be advised on how to lift and carry your baby, who will soon be putting on weight and demanding on your body.


Children - New Born

The entry into the world for a new born child can be quite traumatic and injuries sustained during birth e.g. congenital torticollis, and other less severe injuries in the very early period of a child’s life can be treated without causing any pain to the new born.  Chiropractors are trained to treat people of all ages and sizes and every child should be checked out by a chiropractor same as every child must have a dental check!  The benefits and the relief that chiropractic care can give to the newly born can be quite remarkable. Any injuries from falls etc. should be seen to.

A chiropractor will help assess the child’s posture, his gait,  give advice on correct shoe wear, all of which will help the child from developing problems, both in the feet, knees and back.

Accidents and Injuries

Young School Children

Children going to school, often carry heavy rucksacks and often on one shoulder, which contributes to an asymmetrical gait and may cause a curvature to the spine(scoliosis). In addition to this spending long hours sitting on a chair at a desk, the same height chair and desks are provided for children of different heights! It is likely that sitting at a wrong height desk will create problems in the whole of the back.  We often see children becoming round shouldered and lose their upright posture.


It is an old saying: 'As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.' We all know how important the formative years are in determining the health of our children as they grow older. It is for this reason that chiropractic care is particularly vital to your child's health and there is no limit as to how young the child is for receiving chiropractic care.

Industrial and Work related Injuries 

These can be repeated stress injuries or due to trauma and if treated without delay then we can avoid the development of chronic conditions.  We will also offer to carry out an evaluation of the ergonomics and your working environment, and offer advice on improving working environment to prevent future injuries, thus saving your company loss of revenue from los of  working days.

Road traffic accident (RTA) 

These can cause Whiplash injuries resulting in neck, chest shoulders and lower back pain.  After careful examination, which may also include X Rays, which can be arranged within one or two working days. We will offer Chiropractic treatment without delay to emergency cases and provide a detailed Chirpractic report or copies of our notes for your insurance claim

Sports performance and injuries 

At Alchemy we specialise in treating all kinds of sports injuries, which can be repeated stress injuries or muscle strain/tear or joint injuries involving the ligaments and tendons. We often work alongside your coach or personal trainer, to help improve your performance and prevent further injuries.

You do not have to be injured to receive Chiropractic care: regular chiropractic checkup and treatments will keep you balanced in muscle strength, flexibility and improve your performance