Chiropratic ~ Examinations

Chiropractic and palpatory Examination: 


This will consist of a physical examination for which a chiropractor will primarily use his highly trained and sensitive hands and eyes to evaluate your posture, 

gait and any joint misalignment or dysfunction.









In this examination we test the range of movements of the joints which include both that of the spine and extremities; we also carry out evaluation of general musculature and specific musceles.  

Symmetry and being free of pain is our biomechanical model of health

Neurological examination: 

Here using simple instruments and visual examination your spinal and cranial nerves are tested by careful observation of the body, gait, deep tendon reflexes, sensory perception etc, to identify the presence of or development of any neurological condition.

Ear, eye, mouth, throat, chest, abdomen and blood pressure examination may also be carried out.



 X-rays, MRI, CAT and Ultrasound scans are only requested if found necessary after consultation and similarly for laboratory tests.


It is worth noting that Chiropractors are one of the few health care practitioners who may examine their patients with minimum clothing (ladies are offered gowns that open at the back), therefore Chiropractors are likely to recognize any skin condition that may be be developing, particularly on your back, that you may not be aware of,