Exercises ~ Shoulders - Walking Part 1

These exercises are designed to be done outdoors or in the house wth enough walking space

Arms stretched and chest open - 20 steps or 5 breaths

1 Stand with your arms stretched our with your chest open, thumbs pointing up, walk for about 20 steps or 5 breaths, breathing deep and exhaling slowly and more than normal, holding your breath for a few seconds at the end of exhat


2 Turn your shoulders back so that the palm of your hands are facing up & slightly back, feeling the stretch at the shoulders and all along the arms & fingers; keep the chest open and walk for about 20 steps or 5 breaths as abo

3 Turn your shoulders and the arms rotating 180°forwards, so that the palms of your hands are again facing up, but there is quite a torsion at the shulders.  Continue to walk as above

4a Keep your left shoulder in the same position and turn the right shoulder and arms clockwise(backwards)facing up as in 2 above.  Walk as above, keeping your chest open & arms stretched and levelled with the shoulders and horizontal

4b Swop the position of the hands by turning the right hand anticlockwise(forwards) and the left shoulder and arms backwards (anticlockwise too) and walk as above.

5 Return the hands facing up as above in pposition 1with thumbs pointing up; stretch whole of the arms outwards, and walk as above.

6 Drop your hands down and clasp your hands behind you, interlocking your fingers with heels of your palms touching and take your arms back and up, opening your chest  - Continue your walk as above

7a Release your hands and interlock the finger of your hands in front of you and take them above your head with palms facng up & walk as above, keeping the shoulders close to your ears

7bTurn your hands to face the floor , still keeping the shoulders close to your ears and continue walking as above

Hugging a tree - Slowly take your arms forward, with the hands still interlocked & form a circle with your arms as if you were hugging a tree, opening the sholder blades at the back and the hands in front so only the tips of the fingers are touching each others, and the chest is caved in. Walk for about 20 steps or 5 breaths maintaining the circular shape of the arms and keeping the shoulder blades open

Additional Exercises

Shoulders Sitting

Shoulders Walking 2

Opening the Heart - gratitude to the universe - On your next inbreath, release your hands and take your shoulder, arms and hands back, opening your chest  and look up at the sky, inhaling deep and holding the breath for a few seconds. This is your final walk of 20 steps or 5 deep breaths. Enjoy this wonderful gift of life!

Bring your arms besides you and walk in your normal upright posture, being mindful of your shoulders, chest and your breathing. Tr to feel the difference from before you started your exercises and now.. .  .

Enjoy your renewed breath and walk..!