Shoulder & Arm Exercises - sitting

Flexion extension of the wrists - Sit upright cross-legged on the floor or on front of a chair with feet flat on the floor. Stretch both arms forward at shoulder height, keeping the fingers stretched. Bend both wrists forward(flexion) & bring them back(extension). repeat 10x.

Sit your back is upright and focus on your navel and chest

Rotation of the wrists - As above, sit upright with  both arms stretched forward at shoulder height, make fists with both hands and rotate only the wrists 10x clockwise and 10x anticlockwise

Sit your back is upright and focus on your navel and chest

Be mindful of the increased movements in your wrists 

Opening the chest and upper back - As above, sit upright with  both hands behind the neck: Breathing out bring the elbows forwards so they touch each other and breath in as you take them back, opening the chest. Repeat this movements 10x, holding for a few seconds at end of each movement.

Be minful of the opening of both the chest and upperback & neck areas

Shoulder Rotation1 - As above, sit upright placing both hands over the shoulders with elbows bent keeping arms at shoulder height, bring the elbows together and draw them up and back, away from each other, breathing out as you bring them down and up again to join together

Sit your back is upright and focus on your breath, chest, shoulder blades and elbows, creating wide 10 circles in one direction and reversing 10x.

Be mindful of your breathing and opening of the chest

Shoulder Rotation2 - Sit upright with  both arms besides you and hands on the floor by your thighs; shrug your shoulders and lift your arms up as you breath in, bringing your hands to the middle of your chest & circling them outwards, exhaaling as you brings your arms down.Repeat 10x.

Be mindful of your breathing and relaxation of the shoulders

Shrugging & relaxing your shoulders - Sit as above and as you take a deep breath in, shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, rounding your shoulders ,bringing your hands onto your thighs and suddenly let go exhaling and relaxing your shoulder muscles. Repeat 10x.

Be mindful of the relaxion part of this exercise

Additional Exercises

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