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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single steps

The morning flight invites one to witness the dawn of a new journey and the mystery of flight, cutting through the thin air that holds and shapes, withstanding the unpredictable weather changes and the return journey of descent & landing.  

I read a few pages of a book and watched a movie of Neil Armstrong, the first landing on the moon during the flight.  It’s a great reminder of what humans have been capable of achieving in their deep desire for exploration; I wonder why there’s not the similar desire for ending poverty, wars and pollution?

There is joy in flying, an opportunity to witness the occasional view  above from the earth, the clouds, unique sunrise & sunsets.. .  . 

And once in a while there is an invitation for a deep conversation and a new friendship, but it lacked this time. 

Landing at Mumbai airport is like coming home, evoking many memories and a longing to see and meet the familiar left behind at the last visit and the new changes.

It took me a few days to adjust my body clock after a ten hour flight but I have enjoyed the daily morning sunrise walks on the beach, having fresh coconut milk, eating roasted sweet corn and watching the evening sun across the ocean has been helpful in this reorientation of the inner landscape. 

It’s good to see such great reduction in plastic on the beach, which is cleaned every morning with tractors and a huge team of both men & women who rake and pick up the litter which is placed in a large plastic basin that they pull along with a rope to be  emptied in the containers behind the tractor. 

There’s no bins or signs to  ask people not to throw litter. However the state of Maharashtra, is the first or to declare itself as a plastic free state and this proactive stance has certainly made a difference.

It was wonderful to witness a woman so  dedicated in feeding the stray dogs on the beach that  I videoed her. She’d bring food from home or perhaps unsold restaurant food; today it’s rice & chicken with soup in a bottle. She gives the dogs the food in a bowl to each one, whom she’s given names and talks to them as they gather around her, making sure that it’s equally shared.

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