Scania Price

Tai foot massage
Manual lymphatic drainage
Hot stones
Ear candling
Gong/Sound Practitioner- 

Soul Retrival

About me.

I am a second generation reflexologist and have post graduate training in specialist areas of my therapies including infertility and pregnancy reflexology. I am a full member of the Federation of holistic therapists (FHT) and studying to be a psychotherapist.


I am dedicated to my continuing professional development relating to reflexology, massage and all other healing disciplines. Through my life and my therapies I believe in nourishing the wholeness of the individual and to trust in the body’s wisdom. No two people are the same.

My Mission is to deliver real change in individuals and deal with the causes of pain, not just the symptoms. As a result there is a basis for lasting change. Incorporating relaxing, respectful and beneficial body work can help to complement the journey.

I like to check in with reflexology before I begin the treatment as the feet have visual maps that show areas that need attention in the body. Comprehensive home care advice is given at the end so you get a portable toolbox you can invisibly carry around with you. Each treatment is tailored to you and will follow in a way that is suited to your needs and energy.
Before your treatment we will discuss the desired package. You can have one type of massage or all incorporated into your session. Some just like to let it flow.

My approach centres around checking in with you and your needs. Your treatment will be unique to you and will be tailored accordingly. Creating a treatment of choice is encouraged so for example if you want to mix reflexology in with massage I can create that experience.