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Something about myself…


I was born in a small village of Nkozi, in Uganda, East Africa, just before the equinox of 1954 and was youngest of five children. My parents came from India at quite a young age, and had settled in East Africa . My formal education was English based, but my wider education was living within the colourful multicultural society from the continents of  Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia; this I feel had an enormous impact on my development.

My journey into the  world of Healthcare and Healing and my training as a Health Care provider began quite early: Since early childhood, I was introduced to the African and Indian traditional medicine; having the fortune of meeting and witnessing the works of some traditional healers, both Africans and Indians who visited our home. I have therefore held great respect for all traditional medicine, as orthodox or so called Western or allopathic medicine was not easily available in the African villages.  


I recall being about 5yrs old when mother would ask me to walk on her aching back, and later she taught me how to massage, perhaps because I had got heavier!  This became a regular practice, and at the end of each session, my mother would say: “ I pray to god that you become a doctor!” Well her prayers were truly answered!  

In  1972 following the military coup in Uganda, our family of three brothers and elderly parents along with 80,000 other Asians had to flee the country. I was 18 at that time when we came to UK as refugees. Being separated from my homeland and friends, then suddenly facing the responsibility  of looking after elderly parents, in this foreign land, the taste of poverty, hunger and racial inequality, took me through a very difficult period, before I was able to root myself.  My study in Horticulture helped me very much: as I worked with the earth, I got to understand and embrace the outer landscape, it allowed me to observe and understand my own inner landscape; my interest in health was rekindled through my love of plants, organic gardening and understanding the reasons why we eat, the food we eat and what it takes to produce that food;  this brought a radical change in my diet to adapting a vegetarian diet and in recent years a Vegan diet.  

Whilst studying horticulture, I enrolled to study Herbal medicine, but this long distance course was soon replaced by a full-time and a more demanding study of Chiropractic at AECC in Bournemouth and I graduated in 1982, as a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C). At the same time our first son, Adam was born, and I realised the urgent need to provide the family with safe and natural health care.  Chiropractic alone was not enough! I then pursued my study in Homeopathy, CranioSacral Therapy and Ayurvedic Medicine, under the guidance of world renowned teachers. These added disciplines have helped me deepen, the so much needed skills of observation, listening and clinical skills, opening doors widely into healing world.

With the help of all the above, I have been able to developed over the past 35years a ONE STOP family clinic, offering a complete range of Natural health care, using my combined disciplines and those of the well qualified and experienced practitioners and instructors who have joined the Alchemy team, bringing with them their skills and experience that complement and support each other. I continue my study in these very fascinating subjects, attending workshops, seminars and conferences regularly around the world, where practitioners share their experiences and journeys in this healing world.

I am not at all opposed to conventional medicine and recognise its place in health care; however I do feel that alternative/complementary medicine does deserve more recognition and a place in our NHS. I work alongside GP’s, medical consultants and practitioners of alternative/complementary medicine, referring patients for appropriate examinations and treatment when necessary, and they too refer patients to me and come for treatment. I often take time off from my practice to observe surgery, so as keep up with the advances in medicine and therefore able to advise my patients when surgery is needed, to prepare them and provide rehabilitation care after surgery.

I am a father of four grown up sons and the youngest two have decided  to follow their parent’s trail as Chiropractors!  In 2003, I was also blessed with a beautiful granddaughter (Maya), who has added a female spirit and much joy to the family.

My interests are being with my family and friends, gardening, walking in nature with my dog Buster, listening & playing music, reading, writing, Yoga, meditation, cycling, swimming, languages, travelling, cooking, sharing stories and doing humanitarian work.

I have been fortunate to have had wise and loving parents, who have been my most important teachers and have provided me with stability; my children and patients who continue to share their stories contribute to my pool of learning.  I have been deeply influenced for having had the fortune of listening to teachers likes of Jidu Krisnamurti, Dalai Lama, and reading works of writers and poets  such as Jelaludin Rumi, Khalil Gibran, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Auribindo, Thich Nhat Hanh, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, David Whyte, Thomas Moore & many more,  who have all helped me look at life and pursue a non violent way of living.

Since 1974 I have followed a vegetarian, caffeine free diet and since 2011, I have embraced a vegan, alcohol free diet. I believe that food, together with music, theatre, laughter, walking and working with nature offer us invaluable medicine.  It is very likely for this reason that for over 40 years I have not had to resort to any vaccination, antibiotics or any conventional drugs, and maintain good health whilst travelling extensively.  I feel everyone needs to look at their diets in a clear light of morality, nutrition and economics, so food becomes a nurturing and an important part of our living that can feed the whole world without any trace of cruelty.

Exploring ancient medicine and bringing it to the present time has become my life’s work. I feel blessed that I love the work that I do. For the past 10 years, I have also been involved with doing humanitarian work, helping charitable organisations in UK as well as in India and Nepal.  Since 2015, following the earthquakes in Nepal, I have been actively involved with Earth Wells(Nepal), in helping the victims of the earthquakes in two of the very remote villages where government or NGO aid has not reached; I visit Nepal regularly, providing aid with the funds raised at the supper evenings at Alchemy. 


Compassion, Love and health are our birthright.. .  .


Thank you for choosing Alchemy


With Light Health and Deep gratitude




Dr Nashir Karmali D.C Clinic Principal and founder of Alchemy 

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