After being in the Healthcare and Healing profession for over 36 years, the understanding of the different factors that determines or influences our Health, began to unfold with greater clarity and humility; that illness can actually be regarded as a wake up call, an opportunity to make the necessary changes in ones way or living style, including diet, occupation, relationship etc, to unblock the pathway in which we are stuck in our development of physical, psychological, social and spiritual journey.  Therefore the opportunity of rediscovering health may shed new light and be an invitation to a new beginning.

Finally, what does it mean to be HEALTHY? or to be HEALED, because both these words have the same first four letters!!

Is it that one can run a marathon, climb MT Everest or that one never even catches a common cold.. .  .   . or is it something beyond all that?

The Alchemy Logo was created after many hours and days of discussions with a young and talented artist, Kamala Singh, in a very ancient city of Benares/Varanasi, in India.  Kamala, was able to capture the essence of the whole healing journey, that I would like to share with you. 


I hope the brief explanation below will help you look at the logo & your own health and healing journey in a new light.


Thank you.


1. The relationship between the parents and their health before and at the time of conception will affect the health of the child.

No doubt that we also are affected by the genetic inheritance from our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.

4. How we are born and the environment we are born in will certainly affect our health: from a natural birth at home in a quiet setting without any intervention to a birth in hospital with all possible intervention. Further more the environment that we are  brought up in, whether it's the countryside, or city, or a war zone will also affect health.

2.Our ancestors also includes this earth, the universe and all that existed before humans! The position of the planets therefore must affect our lives, particularly at the time of conception, birth and every moment, whether one believes or not in astrology!

5. The moment we become ill or are facing difficulties in our lives can be regarded as an opportunity to find a physician, a healer, or a teacher, who may be able to help and guide us through this difficult time; it also gives us the opportunity to reflect, take stock and to rediscover health. Now these are the caring hands of the trained or gifted physician/healer or even a teacher who will help you heal, recover from your illness or pain and regain your health and set you on the right path

6.The lotus flower seen from above.  It represents purity & beauty,  and is found in nature growing in very muddy waters, reminding us that there is Health hidden within illness, like gold hidden within a rock, which when cleansed and purified pure gold is extracted. Similarly when illness is cleansed, true HEALTH is revealed, often better than before.  This is true Alchemy 

7. Once having rediscovered health or being healed, the energy in our body feels balanced and the energy centres(Chakra)connected;  you not only feel better and are able to do things you thought not possible, but also questions one's purpose on Earth and  responsibility of looking  after it, realising that we are the Guardians of our Mother Earth!

3. These are the caring hands of the mother, whose health and all her experiences during pregnancy will have an affect on the growing foetus and their later life too.  Her nurturing  qualities and the time she spends in nature,  quiet and restful environment will also affect the health of the foetus.


Our Ancestors are not only our parents and grand parents, but our ancestors are everything that exists in the universe and was there before humans existed, and that includes our beautiful Earth, to whom we owe a duty to look after it and all life on it in every way possible