Chiropractic ~ Initial Consultation

On your first visit, you will be asked to provide a detailed case history regarding your immediate problem and also any other health related issues that may be making your life a little uncomfortable or not allowing you to function to your fullest.  You will be asked about your past medical history and whether you have had any previous illnesses, surgery and their effect on your present life.


There are questions like whether you take any prescribed or self-prescribed medication or drugs; your demands at work and how much time you stand, sit drive and whether there is any lifting or carrying. You will be asked about your diet and your daily intake of food, water, tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco if you happen to be a smoker and as there are certain conditions that have a hereditary tendency, you will be asked about illnesses in your immediate blood related family


After having taken your full case, you will be asked to get changed, a gown opening at the back is provided for the female patients and you will be asked to walk across the room.  The chiropractor will observe your gait and you could be asked to walk on tip toe, on your heels, on the outside of the feet and on the inside of your feet; then with your heel touching the toe of the opposite foot, with your eyes open and then with your eyes closed. This is your first neurological examination!


Similarly further Neurological, Orthopaedic, Chiropractic and Physical examinations will be carried out. These will be done with you standing, sitting and lying on the chiropractic treatment couch.  At the end of the examination the chiropractor will explain his findings and state whether you can be treated today or would you need an X-Ray before you any treatment; we request about 5% of our patients to be X Rayed on the first visit and these can be arranged within 24-48hrs.  The X Ray images are supplied on a CD which you will bring with you on your next visit, when these will be viewed on the computer screen and the chiropractor will explain to you all his findings and the treatment plan that he will tailor for your.