Understanding Health and Disease

HEALTH is not merely an absence of disease, but rather a state of harmony within oneself at every level: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. It is the harmony between our inner and the outer worlds; a dynamic state forever changing. I feel that HEALTH is our birthright along with compassion and love, it is our life long responsibility,  to achieve and maintain an optimum level of health.


Disease is a state of  disharmony within oneself and with our environment. This may be due to inherent weaknesses, severe or repeated trauma, unresolved grief, neglecting one's health by over-indulgence with tobacco, alcohol, drugs (both prescribed and recreational), working or living in a stressful or polluted environment or being in a wrong relationship. When one does not have time for oneself, to rest, play, dance, sing, laugh, meditate . . . .

All these factors can activate the inherent weaknesses, so that one is unable to respond to the changes in the environment, both external and internal: the body may therefore over react and develop conditions of hypersensitivity and allergies e.g. hay fever or asthma; or it may deplete one's immunity making one prone to infections, allowing viruses, bacteria or parasites to invade, reside and multiply, causing such conditions as colds, coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, malaria or it may lead to auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Ulcerative Colitis etc. And psychologically, one may not be able to deal with growing pressures of work, the family or loss of job, disappointments, grief etc. which may even lead to a mental breakdown!


Our aim is to help you rediscover your health that you once had, and work towards reaching your optimum health potential, using safe methods of health care. In order to do this, we need to first identify what has caused or contributed to this state of illness; and then apply what needs to be done to restore health in the safest and most rapid way possible. After rediscovering one's optimum health, we work together with you to maintain this state of well-being, advising you on diet, exercises, work.


Alchemy Health Clinic offers a number of therapies to suit each individual. In some cases a combination of therapies may prove to be more beneficial. We also offer various classes to support the treatment and assist in bringing changes to your health and lifestyle. 


Being ill or injured can also be regarded as a 'beneficial calling' or a blessing!, as it offers us the opportunity to 'take stock' of our own lives, reflect and create order that we may have long ignored; to seek help and bring changes, so that you are now even better than you were before your injury or before getting ill!