Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

You can book an appointment in person, by telephone or by e-mail. Soon we hope to have the facility for online booking. If you know which treatment you wish to have, you will be offered the next available consultation. All practitioners are fully qualified, experienced and insured to provide you with the correct treatment.


What can I expect when I first visit Alchemy Health Clinic?

You will be welcomed by caring staff, who will ask you to complete a health questionnaire regarding your current ailment/s and past illnesses, family history etc. This prepares you for your first consultation and will also save time. A full case history will be taken, when we together explore the cause of your complaint. Depends on your choice of treatment, a detailed examination will be carried out and we will explain to you how awe see your condition and offer you a treatment plan.

Are the physical treatments painful?

Treatments such as: Chiropractic is generally not painful and certainly no more painful than the pain you are already experiencing. There may be areas in your body that may be sensitive and therefore feel more pain. It also depends on your level of pain threshold! CraniSacral Therapy will certainly not cause any pain.

What if I am not happy with my treatment?

We have a complaints procedure whereby: you can directly phone and speak to the practitioner or the clinic principal, email or write to him a letter. Following the correspondence with each other a meeting would be arranged between you and the clinic principal to bring about a solution. In some cases a consultation will be offered with another practitioner or with the clinic principal.

Do you guarantee that you will cure me of my illness or pain?

No we offer no guarantee that we will cure every person and every ailment that is presented to us. However if we are not able to make any improvement to your condition then we will not pursue further than six treatments and will refer you to you GP, another Practitioner or Consultant for a second opinion or further examination. This will always be done with your consent and by a letter.


Is treatment at Alchemy available on the NHS?

Unfortunately the NHS does not offer alternative/complementary medicine at this time. We are hopeful this may change in the future.  It is people like yourself that can make the change in our NHS by asking your MP the need for services like ours to be made available within the NHS

Are treatments covered by Health Insurance?

Alchemy was recognised and registered with major Insurance companies but due to changes in their policies, particularly regarding payment, we are no longer registered with them.  However depending on the level of insurance you have, you would be able to negotiate with them and demand to choose the practitioner you wish to be treated by and receive part or full payment for your treatments.  We will provide you with the receipts to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

When do I pay my fees?

Fees are paid at the time of booking an appointment, and similarly for the classes and workshops. This can be done by cheque, cash or credit card.

Is there any discount for family members or friends being referred?

Our clinic has largely grown by personal referrals. We acknowledge and appreciate our patients referring their family and friends to Alchemy. As a gesture of goodwill your referrals' initial consultation fees will be discounted and so will your next treatment fees!

How much time do you require for cancelling an appointment?

We ask you to give us a minimum of 24 hours notice, as this would allow time to book someone else in need for treatment. Fees will be chargeable for late cancellation.

What if I miss my appointment?

We ask that you give a 24 hour notice for cancelling or changing your appointment, otherwise the full fee is payable for missing or late cancellation of an appointment.  This time could and would be allocated to someone else in need of treatment, booking an appointment is like booking a ticket for a show at a theatre or a flight.