For fitness, strength, flexibility and longevity   

Human beings have exercised since time immemorial, as we discover in the paintings and sculptures of ancient civilisations. The purpose is to maintain fitness in terms of strength, flexibility and perhaps also longevity.

I have put together some exercises on the next few pages and will be be adding more with the aid of illustrations and also videos to help you exercise regularly (everyday) and also to help you with recovery from injury or surgery that you may have had. 

I would most welcome any suggestions or feedback from you and also for you to share with me any exercises that may have helped you generally or for certain conditions.

Some Simple Guidelines:

Get a Yoga mat that has a non-slippery surface and sufficient thickness for comfort. I recommend an approximate size:  1.8m long x 6.0cm wide & 5-7mm thick; also get a carrying bag that helps keep the mat clean and allows you to take it to classes or when you're away from home, so that your daily exercises are not interrupted 

It's better to exercise before a meal or allow 1.5hr to 2hrs after eating.

Wear loose clothing and have a warm top, tracksuit bottom or leggings and perhaps a light blanket for your relaxation at the end.

I feel that it is also important that you create a space in your home where it is quiet and you feel comfortable.  Avoid doing your exercises in front of the TV and if you like to listen to music, choose something that is relaxing, keep the volume low and listen through speakers rather than wearing headphones.   It is recommended, however, to exercise in silence as it will allow you to listen to your body and deepen your practice.

Give your exercises the same importance as brushing your teeth, and similar regularity

Allow at least 15 - 30min daily. It is your time and no one else can do it for you!

Most important of all enjoy it and try sharing it with others.