...became a powerful influence within my own practice.

"Nashir's holistic approach to treating disease, by using methods of healing rather than seeking the cure, attracted me from the start and became a powerful influence within my own practice. I cannot recommend him too highly"

Dr Keith Glennis-Smith - Consultant Anaesthetist (now retired)

Please share the benefits and your experience you have had, being treated at Alchemy,  as it will help others. Thank you.


...excellent continued care and attention of my patients...

"Referred patients have always received excellent care and attention and a thorough assessment. I have been greatly impressed by the continuing care of my patients, Nashir has been very considerate of their needs and given a high standard of service I would be happy to be treated by him."


Dr. Robin Sadler (now retired)


...one feels one is with a friend that cares....

"Having been offered the chance, to be looked after by your then, newest team member, Léa ( Dr Léa Poncet DC) I was and am still amazed..... To mention the level of care and her professional manner, barely begins to cover the amazing skills she has brought to your already excellent practice. Within the first session she had discovered all the reasons for my discomfort and had virtually managed to get everything back in working order, all of this whilst finding time to elicit the information about my lifestyle that was leading me to be at her door, A most pleasant and professional practitioner, that I am most happy to recommend."


Mr J. Vickery

...only great things at Alchemy Clinic....

"I had recently visited Alchemy Health Clinic, normally my treatment is done my Nashir but this occasion he was away from his practice.

I was looked after by a new associate Dr Léa Poncet, at Alchemy. She was professional in her way as Nashir would have done my treatment."


Mr B Mistry 


...four generations of my family have been treated!

"As well as my company staff, my parents, children and grandchildren have all been patients and have been kept working, gardening and playing sports, even rugby for the over 60's"


Mr. C. Harding

After an MRI scan, I was told by a consultant nothing could be done - not even surgery! I have regained almost complete use of my shoulder...!!

"Having been given the name of the Alchemy clinic by two medics and three patients I felt that I should be well advised to see what could be done with my shoulder that was giving me a lot of pain. After MRI scan I was told nothing could be done - not even surgery. I pursued with my treatment and have regained almost complete use of my shoulder, and without any pain, due to the continued treatment at your clinic. The reception I have received at all times at the clinic has been nothing but kindness, sympathy and a friendly but professional service. I have never felt rushed and have always felt that my well being was paramount."

Mr. P. Stebbing





Our family has benefited and the level of care has hugely impressed us...

"As professional people with two young girls aged eight and three, life can be stressful and hectic at times but Nashir has helped us to cope better at home and at work through both homeopathic and chiropractic treatment. The children have also received homeopathic treatment and we have been hugely impressed by the level of care offered at the Clinic. As a family we have all benefited from an alternative and holistic approach to Health."

Mr. & Mrs. C. Ellis



The treatment I received... aspired me to want to become a Chiropractor ...!

Having always been a keen sportsman I came to realise the huge benefits of Chiropractic care early in my teenage years.  Not only did I get quick and effective relief with treatment for my various ailments, ranging from back pain, tennis elbow, to headaches, but I came to realise the importance of maintenance care: to keep me pain free and at my best at school and in my sport.  I know that this had many positive knock on effects on my life in general, physically, mentally and socially.  In fact, the quality of the treatment I received from Nashir was such that it made me aspire to want to become a Chiropractor myself. 

Thank you for all you have done,

Sam Glynn (Graduated from Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth 2017)


I personally would highly recommend Nashir...

"My name is Adam Glynn and I am thirteen years old. I play tennis and I'm currently ranked number three nationally in my age group. My training is therefore quite intensive. I play around twelve-fourteen hours of tennis each week with around eight hours of fitness including running, swimming and gym work. Nashir has been treating me for almost three years. I see him whenever I am injured or once every month for injury prevention treatment; this always makes me feel physically and mentally strong. I personally would highly recommend Nashir to anyone who trains regularly in various sports and for general well being."


Adam Glynn (2009)

Care at Alchemy

Over many years I have turned to Alchemy Health Clinic for treatment that enhances or goes beyond that offered by the NHS. With great expertise and professionalism Nash and his colleagues have got me back on my feet. allowed my head to turn and put a spring in my step.


The ladies in my life have also hugely benefited from treatment, often gilded with the delights of well-being massages and heat treatments. I have no hesitation in recommending Alchemy Health Clinic as a first line of treatment, whatever your ailment or physical need.

John Billington

Treatment Recommendation

I have been coming to Alchemy mainly for back and neck issues and really recommend their treatment. 


I have had mainly chiropractic sessions from Nashir over the years and have found his calm and professional manner exactly what you need when suffering back and neck pain!


I have had genuine relief from terrible pain and am ever so grateful for their help.

David Beater