on 23rd SEPTEMBER at 12.30pm 

Nashir updated us on his three-month visit earlier this year to India and Nepal and the development of the humanitarian work that is being done with your support. 


Nashir spent three months in India and Nepal at the beginning of the year.  Your generous contribution for this worthwhile cause of humanitarian aid has very much been appreciated.  There were  photo slides and a video to accompany his short presentation.

As always, there was an abundance of delicious vegetarian/vegan food prepared with sensitivity and love, using as much of the locally grown vegetables, to be shared in the space created for meeting and having conversations with old and new friends, with an invitation for sharing stories, poetry and music.  


Nashir and our Compassionate Charity Support Team 



Just three of the many comments.   comments from our supper club guests sharing previous suppers:- 

KY - Thank you so much Nashir , absolutely beautiful evening, beautiful food and beautiful people.  I had a lovely time.

Thank you for bringing us all together and all your hard work to make it happen.  Much love.

KZ - I’ve just recently moved to the countryside and I am looking for new friends, like-minded people and I found you and met these lovely people.  I really hope we’ll keep in touch.


Thank you for the lovely evening, the lovely food, the lovely people and we gathered together for a beautiful thing.  I send lots of love and strength to people in Nepal.  God Bless!

Love & thank you.

ACM - Beautiful people and setting.  Delicious food.  Thank you.


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