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Exercises - Breathing - (still in progress!)

Pranayama = Breath of Life

Breathing is something that we somuchtakeit for granted and yet without which we cannot exist. It is the first breath that take when we are born and the last breath we give out when we die. Mastering breathing will helpus in many ways and particularly keeping's healthy.

All these exercises should preferably be done sitting on the floor if possible, but for those unable to sit on the floor, most of these can be done sitting on a chair and some can be done lying down

Lie in shavasana and relax the whole body.

Place the right hand on the abdomen just above the navel and the left hand over the centre of the chest.

Observe the spontaneous breath without controlling it in any way.  Let it be absolutely natural.

To practice abdominal breathing, feel as though you are drawing the energy and breath in and out directly through the navel.

The right hand will move up with inhalation and down with exhalation.  The left hand remains almost still.

Let the abdomen relax.  Do not try to force the movement in any way.

Do not expand the chest or move the shoulders.  

Feel the abdomen expanding and contracting.

Continue breathing slowly and deeply.


Inhale while expanding the abdomen as much as is comfortable, without expanding the ribcage.

At the end of the inhalation, the diaphragm will be compressing the abdomen and the navel will be at its highest point.

On exhalation, the diaphragm moves upward and the abdomen moves downward.

At the end of the exhalation, the abdomen will be contracted and the navel compressed towards the spine.

Continue for a few minutes.

Relax any effort and once again watch the spontaneous breathing pattern.

Bring the awareness back to observing the physical body as a whole.  Be aware of the surroundings and gently open your eyes.

Ujay Pranayam
Abdominal (or diaphragmatic) Breathing

Sit comfortably with your hands over your knees, thumbs touching the forefingers to help you focus. Pay attention to your breath. Slowlyhold your breath

Ambillom Billom -alternate nostril breathing
Surya & Chandra Bastrikapranayam
Sheetali pranayam 
Kampala Bhati  Pranayam
Bhamri Pranayam
Bathing the eyes with warmth & paying gratitude
Paying Gratitude to your body
Paying Gratitude to the universe &
the source of Creation
A prayer - an offering of gratitude