About Alchemy

Why Come to Alchemy

People come to Alchemy for the same reasons as they may go to their GP; we offer safer healthcare; give you more time to listen and examine you; an appointment within 24-48hrs(incl' XRays, MRI & ultrasound)...(more)

Meet the Alchemy Team

At Alchemy we meet regularly as a team and family, to discuss ways to improve and provide the highest level of service and healthcare...


Understanding Health and Dis-ease

HEALTH is not merely an absence of disease, but rather a state of harmony within oneself at every level: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. It is the harmony between our inner and the outer worlds... . . (more)

Alchemy's Social Committment

Alchemy is committed to humanitarian aid, both in the local and global community. To this end we include in our diary an annual fund raising event... . . (more)